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  • Oct 14, 2020Automated system can vaccinate individual chicks at hatch Read Full Article
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The Opportunity

Poultry meat is the #1 choice for meat protein globally. This is due to its affordability, health qualities, cooking versatility and lack of religious or cultural restrictions. Annual poultry meat production is about 71 billion chickens worldwide.

High intensity farming practices needed to meet the high demand for poultry protein have led to mass-application of antibiotics as a “growth promoter” and the treatment of chickens as a flock, rather than as an individual bird.

The Driving Forces

In response to the growing demand for antibiotic-free poultry and restrictions on antibiotic use, poultry producers are transitioning away from mass application of antibiotics. This is resulting in significant productivity losses. The current alternatives to antibiotics, such as vaccine spray cabinets and in ovo vaccination systems, are not able to completely and effectively deliver the vaccines needed to stem the spread of coccidiosis, colibacillosis, bronchitis, Newcastle and other infectious diseases. The resulting losses have been estimated up to $9 billion annually worldwide. There is a compelling need within the poultry industry for a more effective immunization method that can target each and every bird.

To increase the production of antibiotic-free chickens, producers need to make changes to their processes to ensure that each and every chick is effectively vaccinated. This will prevent disease outbreaks, and eliminate the need for antibiotics to treat preventable diseases.

The ALS-S Solution

ALS-S is developing a solution that revolutionizes current vaccination methods. Our technology will detect, target and deliver vaccines to each and every chick, ensuring effective vaccination. This one-of-a-kind accuracy and consistency in the vaccination process boosts the natural immune response to diseases, improves overall flock health, and provides for a cleaner, healthier chick.

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